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This Sculptor Uses 'Stainless Steel Mesh' for his Sculptures and You Will be Amazed to See Them

Creative people can use any thing for their work mainly to create an art piece. Like before, we have seen 'Leaf Cutting' art by Omid Asadi and 'Feather Cutting' art by Chris Maynard. Now, you are going to see the work of Korean Sculptor who uses stainless Steel Meshes for his sculptures.

Sculptor SeungMo Park uses steel meshes for his work. Yes, Stainless Steel Mesh and you will be amazed to see his creations. He even created 'Mona Lisa' with steel mesh. He not only creates 'Portrait' type sculptures with steel mesh but also makes 'Human' and 'Object' sculptures with steel mesh.

We are only listing his 'Portrait' work but visit his website to see his other amazing works and don't miss.

Below images are taken from his website.

We appreciate his amazing talent and work.