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This Millionaire Wants to Help People But The Way He Helped, Makes You Think Whether He is Real or Fake

What will do if you bought a new iPhone? I don't know about you, but I will use it like a Million Dollar phone.  Here, I'm going to introduce a Millionaire who wants to help poor people. His thought to help people is good but the way he is helping is different.

His name is Abdel Wassim El Whani and you can watch some of his 'Way of Help' to people videos below.

Gave his Lamborghini to Young People in Paris:

Thrashed 5 iPhones and they are iPhone 5S:

Gave One Million Dollars to a Poor Lady:

His protest against Banks:

Do you think he is Fake?

Well, I don't know and many don't know whether he is fake or not. But in my belief, he is real. Whatever it may be, he is having a nice thought to help people, but the way he is helping is not right. If he wants to help, he can donate money to many trusted charities.

Hope for the best.