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Google Canada Named 2013 Best Place to Work, You Can See Why

Google was named as the best place to work in Canada. Not only in Canada, we can see same type of environment in all of its branches all over the world.

So, have a look at Google's workplace!

Nice Pool Table!

 [Source: DailyMail]

I don't want to go home!

 [Source: DailyMail]

I like to work all day and night!

[Source: OfficeSnapshots]

Always enjoy nature!

 [Source: Decoist]

Practicing Golf!

 [Source: Decoist]

Every place is a Hangout place!

[Source: Decoist]

Don't Disturb me!

 [Source: Decoist]

I like to work there in the morning

 [Source: Decoist]

Watching Football!

 [Source: Decoist]

I'm tired

 [Source: Decoist]

Workplace or a Pub?

 [Source: Decoist]

Very artistic!

 [Source: Decoist]

Nice explanation!

[Source: Decoist]


 [Source: Com-Gom]

Be calm and Work!

 [Source: Com-Gom

Always be fit!

  [Source: Com-Gom]

Nice View

  [Source: Com-Gom]

Football first, work later

[Source: Fastcodesign]

So, where do you want to work in future?